Story Studio TV is a transmedia analysis and content production company. We create television series, gamified web content, metaverse communities, AR-Mixed Media and client based programming based on our growing database of intelligence about the NOW and FUTURE in a post covid world.

Story Catching Process

For all of us working on an innovative product, service or a cause in:


Transformational Technologies

Capitalism Re-imagined

Will America Choose Democracy?

TransMedia Programming

Climate Mediation

Social Justice

Women's Empowerment

The Green Economy

Contemplative Spirituality

Generative Communities

...we share the same question… if all our new innovations are so great...

(and they are)

  • Why are we not getting more notice in the Post-Covid cultural conversations?


  • Why are we not having more influence in a Post-COVID World?


  • Why are we being drowned out by the misinformation of our current reality show.


Our storycatching intake process, our Transmedia Narrative Analysis platform and our content production skills are designed to help your brain child gain greater influence and revenue in the Post-Covid audience.


Your storycatching intake results, and the findings of our Transmedia Narrative Analysis about the story you are telling the world, will among other things, help you predict the success and influence your offering will have in Post-Covid marketplace of ideas. Identifying and evolving the stories you are telling yourself and the world will attract the audiences you need to be noticed in the sea of current possibilities.

Don't you want to know...

1.  What stories you are telling yourself about your work? 

2.  How these stories are impacting your success in a post-covid marketplace of ideas?

We can help you identify and evolve your story about your product, service or activist cause

so it is successful in a uncertain world!